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I love collecting vintage toys. These magnificent childhood superheroes led me to be a professional artist life today. I spent my days as a child drawing Ultraman, Giant Robo, Bruce Lee and many other action figures, filling all the white space in every single corner of my textbooks. My interest in artwork grew stronger and stronger and eventually led me to pursue a formal art training at the Hong Kong Academy of Fine Arts at the age of thirteen for over five years.

After coming to the States in the early 80's, I continued to pursue a further art training at prestigious art institutes such as the California Art Institute, the Art Academy of Los Angeles and others.


I believe that solid drawing skills are the cornerstone for all kinds of representational art forms. I have always had a strong opinion of this notion and carried it out through my life's art journey. My fine arts techniques have played a significant benefit to my commercial works in the entertainment industry and vice versa!

About Me

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